The success of a talented team

At this time we continue to read and talk in professional circles, and even in our homes, about the economic recession and the weakness of our market. But despite this endemic pessimism that abounds in business circles, and without denying the delicate situation of our country, there are companies with high technology and high investment in R&D that provide sufficient added value for their products and services to be considered in the global market, because, whether we like it or not, that is the scenario where we process and carry out the vast majority of business operations in these times.

At FarmaliderBy working through partnerships with other companies in which risks and revenues are shared at a 50%, we will achieve adequate growth and secure our future as a company, while at the same time allowing us to study and discover new markets.

What is certain is that our pharmaceutical company has a qualified team that, thanks to its knowledge, is the key to the growth and consolidation of the company.which devotes 30% of its workforce to research and development of new products. It is only through our efforts that we provide access to the knowledge that distinguishes us from others and gives us value as a company project. It should not be forgotten that we have been expanding around the world since 1986 to reach the largest possible number of markets in the world.

But how do we continue to grow, how do we consolidate our market position, or why do we look to the future with optimism? The answers to these questions are easy to explain.

In the modern company, and in particular in the pharmaceutical industry, the choice of equipment and its management are essential elements in the success of your operation and the achievement of objectives in a globalized market.. To do this, we surround ourselves with professionals with a broad background in their specialties, to combine effort and synergies to develop business projects with a high added value that distinguishes us as a cutting-edge company in its sector. That is to say, innovating, but taking advantage of the team's experience; trying without fear of mistakes or momentary failure, the result of which are reinforced new ideas and ways of acting in the development of management and product. The important thing is to coordinate the talent to make it flowand not to limit it with methodological fears that limit the scope of our goal and the achievement of results in accordance with the investment, both intellectual and technological, to achieve them.


Our customers often ask us where business continuity lies in a context full of difficulties and challenges. We confirm the need to continue our constant search for innovation in order to open up our markets and look for business opportunities that will make us grow in a regular and balanced way.

But innovation sometimes goes hand in hand with financing in order to continue to maintain this cutting-edge sector that has traditionally generated quality employment. So, what are the success factors in management?

The question demands a reflection appropriate to the problems where we develop our management as entrepreneurs and as researchers, since it must be taken into account that the combination of both forms translates into successful results or an incipient failure.

It seems contradictory to talk about failure in the management of the company, but only by starting from how to prevent it will we ensure the achievement of our goals. For this reason, the elements of our management success depend on clearly defining the following approaches:

1- Form a talented and experienced management team.without fear of contrasting this background with the methodology and philosophy of our company.

2- Motivate creativity in all production and product development processes..

3- Work assuming risks and mistakes, learning from it and supported by the experience of R&D methods that prove the achievement of credible and achievable results.

4- Generate ideas that help to promote new lines of action and development. to integrate the team in the achievement of a goal: to plan, produce and successfully present products or services adjusted to the real market demand.

5- Seek creative sources of financing that support a cutting-edge development that generates attractiveness to the firm and growth within the business framework.

6- The team is the support of the company in the creative and management processes, so the success of the firm's projects and the satisfaction of our collaborators will depend in part on how it is managed.The company's employees, who must perceive the integration of their contribution in a modern, solvent and, above all, future-oriented structure.

Finally, and without dogmatizing, we apply with conviction to Farmalider the axiom of "use but do not abuse", as this is the only way to adapt the management and development of the company to the needs of each moment.