Health care products

A complete range of products

Our vademecum is continuously growing, always adapting to the new needs and demands of the markets and complying with the strictest quality standards. To this end, we work in five product areas: generic drugs, ethical drugs, OTC drugs, dermocosmetics, nutritional supplements and medical devices.

Generic Products

At Farmalíder we offer quality products that represent a highly cost-effective solution and contribute to the development of a sustainable healthcare system by licensing and supplying generic drugs.

Ethic Products

We offer an important line of medical prescription products, manufactured under the most demanding European standards (GMP) and the strictest quality controls in all its processes.

We manufacture a wide range of products for some of the most common conditions, leaders in OTC drugs to relieve pain, coughs, colds or combat gastrointestinal disorders, among others.


High quality products made with patented molecules and processes.


Food Supplements

Nutra esential OTC, a company of the Farmalider Group, has developed a new line of advanced research in nutrition and health that seeks to deepen the field of prevention and wellness through complementary nutrition.

Medical Devices

High quality products for the prevention, control, treatment and relief of diseases. CE Marked.